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We're looking at building out a tool stack involving Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable, Parabola, (and maybe others as needs are realized, or none of these and just better alternatives) and after some cursory research it looks like no-code is the way to go and we're looking for someone who has significant experience here to help us understand what's possible to build. We are a start-up studio and want to create awesome custom solutions for our clients and also internally so we can monitor many projects at once. Our office is fully remote and will be bringing in resources from around the world, so monitoring systems are something we're really interested in. We also have clients with various tech needs that can be met with this software (or perhaps there are even better alternatives out there) and we're excited to create and turn over some awesome new functions for them. I am looking to start an engagement with someone who is really proficient in these systems so I can stop daydreaming and get hit with reality. Looking for a tech guru to tell me, "Hey Leanna- this is super easy/hard to do" or say, "Hey here's another awesome thing we can do that you never knew is possible." A few things I'm interested in seeing first is building out KPI databases that pull data from various business functions, then send out gorgeous dashboards to my inbox along with key stakeholders and KPI owners so I can monitor deviations across teams and the ever-growing list of companies we're taking in. One of our HR clients now with big tech needs is looking to build some web apps and sweet ass membership functionalities where information like addresses/birthdays/anniversaries for thousands of employees around the world, and send automatic orders/CTA emails/etc for said employee to receive a gift for their birthday or mother's day or whatever. We want to figure out how to build out survey and data collection to understand how covid has created the new workforce and are talking about gamifying the workplace and using tech to become an industry leader in ensuring employee wellbeing (in a way that isn't superfluous or for the sake of itself, obviously.) SO: We don't have a clear scope at the moment because we don't have enough awareness of the horizons to define one. It's your job to work with us to define scope first and we'll try out a project together. Looking for someone who would be a great fit for our company culture, is a creative problem solver, really knows their shit, and nerds out on how we can use big ideas to solve market problems a lot of people are feeling.