WordPress Vs Webflow

The old school vs the new

As you all may know WordPress has been around for a long long time and is used on more than 60 million websites worldwide after its release in 2003 however for the last 7 years the usage of other site builders like Webflow and Squarespace are coming more and more common amongst designers and builders. 

Fully Customisable Design 

Building sites on WordPress and Wix all require the use of templates but they limit how much you can customize them. What Webflow does is allow for complete customization of your site whether you have used one of their templates or not and does this without the need for code. This allows the user to build an online brand identity without restrictions. 

Clean Code = faster load speeds

One of the major issues with WordPress is that it has huge amounts of plugins that can use full but this bloats the code massively. This can result in the site being slow and cumbersome for the user. On Webflow, this is not the issue. The code is not bloated by plugins or anything else, the code is clean and fast. 

The CMS 

WordPress is a blogging tool, that’s what it was created for so when creating a CMS for your customer or for someone to complete quickly that is not related to blogs, it can be very tricky to organize that information and take a lot of customization. This is not the case for Webflow, there CMS is completely customizable, it is very simple to make changes and to add fields, etc. This not only makes the creator’s jobs easier but anyone needs to use it. 


Each project you build will come with its own restrictions and schedule so all this needs to be taken into account. Webflow does have a lot of advantages, in my eyes, over WordPress but it is not as easy to use as WordPress and has a learning curve of around 6-12 months to be really comfortable with it whilst with WordPress and Wix this timescale is massively reduced but advantages of design control, faster load time and creator control of the CMS will all make that extra time worth it. 

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