What to look out for in 2021

Thank god that’s over!

Well, let’s be honest 2020 has been a shit storm of a year, with covid, lockdowns, elections, and Brexit, I don’t think ill be the only one to be pleased when it’s over. But besides a vaccine, the end of lockdown, and someone with half a brain in the white house what have we, as no coders, got to look forward to in 2021.


This thing just keeps getting better and better. Webflow has recently released nested symbols, which will allow users to create design systems for their sites. This will make it easier for them to build and maintain their sites. Mackenzie Child does a cool overview of this feature here

Webflow also announced their numbers for 2020 last week with a really cool site. Just check it out here. Just look at those numbers, over 400,000 sites made by users, over 20 billion site visitors, and 58 million assets uploaded. Unreal, if I could get half a % of those site visitors on my nocoded site, I would be unbelievably chuffed. These numbers clearly indicate that webflow is the number 1 nocode tool for builders so if you are not well versed with it check it out or you might be left behind with the rest of dammed still using WordPress.

2021 is going to be F’insweet

Now besides being a good pun, 2021 is going to be the year that the company F’insweet launches its Nobull systems plus other things. Back in November F’insweet announced that it will be moving away from design work to concentrate on making systems that worked with webflow. These NoBull systems will allow the user to integrate their airtable content directly with webflow which will allow the user to add formulas, linked fields, and all sorts of airtable goodies to their webflow CMS. This, as you can imagine will be massive and will change how people use webflow altogether. I actually wrote a blog post about this announcement here so check it out for more information on other cool stuff they are working on because it is all just too epic.

Memberstack update

Earlier this month the team at memberstack announced that they will be transferring all their webflow designed pages over to jquery to allow for a number of new features, one being multiple memberships. This new feature alone will be a massive boost for anyone, like me, who enjoys creating marketplaces. Allowing the user to have more than 1 type of membership gives them the option to,

like on Facebook, join groups within your site. This coupled with the Nobull systems above will allow you to create an in-depth marketplace within webflow for the first time, without the need for extensive code.


If your not excited enough about all this stuff coming out in 2021, Jetboost announced that it will be creating an analytics platform for marketplaces within webflow. So you will be able to allow users to see their stats e.g. how many people have opened their profile.

Don’t forget about NoCoded

Yup, we have some big plans too, shortly after the new year we’ll be adding pro membership to the site. We’ll be adding pro only resources and courses, will be adding analytics to a pro account, pro members will be featured on this newsletter, and all jobs will be sent to pro members when they are uploaded to the site.  

With the money made from this feature we will be able to push NoCoded more, market it more, add more features, and create more useful resources and courses for all the members. So if there is anything you think we need to add to our site please send us feedback at paul@nocoded.co.uk for those who haven’t signed up check it out here


2020 sucked the big one, let’s be frank about that but with all this cool shit coming out next year and with the added bonus of actually being allowed to go on holiday and letting it hang out like you just don’t care, 2021 could be and will be awesome!! So let’s keep creating and building cool shit so we can all make 2021 a year to remember.

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