Webflow Cloneables - What to look out for in

With the amount of cool shit you can do with webflow there is no surprise that a resource like the cloneables, is a mass of amazing, beautiful and ridiculous sites but unfortunately this resources which promises everything can at times seem a bit of a nightmare especially at the beginning and they are certain things you have to take into consideration when choosing to use one. 


Seeing some of the amazing cloneables and how they work is amazing however most of these cloneables are just design components e.g. a slider or a fancy navbar. This is great in small doses but if you take this practice too far, your site can often look like what it is, which is a mishmash of different ideas on a page. This nonconformity can be jarring to a use and instead of giving your site the woah affect you hoped will more than likely do the opposit and making them leave. 

Watch out for Webflow magic

All those cool interactions can look amazing but sometimes they can be a nightmare to implement. If you don’t know what your doing or why is navbar stuttering when its meant to be sliding elegantly onto your screen then might be best to find a simpler solution to your problem. Even when cloning an interaction, getting it to work on your site to how it did it on the cloneable and worse how to fix it when it breaks can take you hours maybe even days to figure out. Another issues with some of these cloneable components is that they are not made for all screen sizes which can at times be impossible. .Sometimes the easiest solution is the best especially if you have time restrictions, if not, its a good way to figure out webflow interactions. 

Find a complete clone

In the cloneables there are some complete sites that look amazing and need little to no work to make them your own. An excellent example of this, is this one by Mackenzie Child 

This cloneable has everything you need and conforms to all screen sizes easily. Just check it out https://webflow.com/website/Meet-Mac-a-free-retro-themed-template . they are other examples of this practice in the cloneables but this is my personal favourite. 

So things to think about with Webflow Clonables 

  • Always consider how cloned components will fit with each other
  • Do they fit all screen sizes?
  • Are the interactions clear, easy to replicate and fixable if they go wrong?
  • Do i want a full site or am i prepared or have the time to build upon an incomplete design

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