NoCoded - What’s in it for me

A big big thank you!

First of all, a big thank you to all of you guys for signing beforehand. The aim of this project is to give all nocode enthusiasts a place where they can create a portfolio, find inspiration and make money. It will specifically focus on three main groups of people. The nocode the expert, the beginner and the entrepreneur or business owner. 

The expert

For experts or anyone who has a little more knowledge of a nocode product than the average user, NoCoded has three main areas of interest:

  • Create a portfolio - This will allow the expert to showcase themselves and there work. Go into detail about there experience, create an introduction video, set an hourly rate, show availability and get messages from prospective clients. This portfolio you will have 100% control over of course, with the ability to remove the messaging system and your portfolio from search results when you are busy. 
  • Create a project - This will showcase your work and designs to the community at large which will be link directly to your portfolio. Projects will have an upvoye system as well with the best projects being highlighted once a month via email (hoping to have an awwward type system is on the roadmap further down the line with actually prizes).
  • Create a course - Now at the beginning, all courses will be free but shortly after launch we will have the ability to set a price to these courses like gumroad but just for nocode. 

The beginner 

For beginners i want NoCoded a place for them to gain inspiration from the other projects on show, learn from the courses created and to be able to reach out to experts if needed for a quick chat or just to drop a friendly email. They will have the ability to upvote on projects they like, follow experts of there choice and post tasks for experts who can them offer them support. 

The entrepreneur/business owner 

Well its probably clear to you all now that for the business owner, NoCoded is there for them, to make there project easier and source talent simply and without the hassle of having to find an expert from the various sources scattered around the internet which is, trust me, difficult to do. 


I genuinely think something like this is what is needed in the nocode community for beginners and experts alike. For beginners, the resources out there are amazing but are stretched, thinly, and finding what you need can be impossible. For experts, making money out of the nocode arena is difficult and creating projects though amazing, can be very disheartening if you havent got an audience to share them with. 


With this project being so indepth and multi-faceted, it has taken a lot longer than i originally envisioned but it is close and i will be announcing the date of the launch within the next week. If anyone would like to support NoCoded and help out with beta testing please contact

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