NoCode Vs Code: Is code dead

I was recently having a chat in a startup community forum regarding the best way to build an MVP, i was, of course, advocating for team nocode but there was a large number of folks arguing for the full dev way so I thought id write a little something something about it. If i miss anything please let me know but these were/are my arguments:

Advantages of NoCode

  • Cheaper - full-time web developers are expensive and can easily charge around £400 a day plus another £400 a day for a designer. That’s £800 cash a day for a startup. NoCode experts can be a lot cheaper and can also support the design as well.
  • Speed - building an app or website from scratch is a time-consuming affair with the help of nocode this process can be a lot easier and efficient.
  • Flexible - a good nocode enthusiast will be confident in building with several different tools which gives them the magic ability to build anything from a unique marketplace, like nocoded, to an app. This flexibility is rarely seen in a web developer and if it is there price will be through the roof
  • Easier to Learn - building an app or a website may have been impossible for a novice a few years ago but now with tools like Webflow, Wix and app builders like glide, there is not much you can’t learn within around 6 months if your startup has little to no money.

Disadvantages of Using a Dev

  • Complex - Using a dev is not always as easy going as you may think. You may have the best web dev and designer your money can buy but creating your concept can be hard work to pull off and they may run into issues they have not envisioned which will take them longer potentially costing the startup more cash.
  • Post Production - After finishing the product and signing it off, there may be issues that crop up. With nocode, these issues could be easy to work out with little to no knowledge but with code, you’re going to need to chat to the developer again and potentially payout another 400 notes or more.

So is Code Dead??

No clearly not, code does have some huge advantages over nocode tools which will never be taken away. The sheer scope of what you can do with a good coder will far outweigh what you can do with a nocode expert but I don’t think that’s what nocode tools are here for. Nocode tools are here to make your MVP, not your final product. If your product becomes hugely successful, you may want functionality that is not supported by nocode tools but by that stage, you can afford them and you have proven that your business is a success. So no, code isn’t dead but like the rest of society, the jobs devs will become more specialized because the rest can be done cheaper and quicker with a nocode expert.

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