Managing your Webflow Ecom site with Airtable

Now we all know that Webflow is amazing however its eCommerce functionality is limited especially when you compare it to other such eCommerce platforms like Shopify. However, connecting your webflow eCommerce site to an Airtable base will give your site a lot of added functionality that even Shopify would struggle to handle. 

Advantages of using Airtable to manage your stock

Well if you’re new to airtable, this new platform could be tricky to handle at first but given time and maybe watching a few of these awesome tutorials and walkthroughs by Automate All the Things, you will see the awesome potential of Airtable and the advantages of using it to manage your eCommerce platform. Some of these advantages are:

  • You can use formulas to manipulate your data 
  • Has an easy to use and interpret user interface
  • Can add other functions e.g. calendar, barcode reader plus a whole host other things 
  • And the main one for anyone starting out it’s free to start and has a lot of great resources to learn from (esp on youtube where I do most of my nocode learning) 

How to connect my Airtable inventory to Webflow

Unfortunately, Webflow eCommerce API isn’t connected directly to Zapier which is, and I don’t say this lightly because I love both these systems, a nightmare. However, this can be achieved with a webhook it just takes a bit of time and some knowledge. So what is a webhook? A webhook is a call to another systems API that allows it to provide the other applications, in this case, Webflow ECommerce, with information. These can be tricky at first to set up but once you have a grasp of how to do this and what information is needed it gets a lot more routine. Below is an example of my webhook i have made for a new eCommerce course on nocoded

Now, this may look like a lot of code and information but it is pretty clear when you know what you are looking for. As you can see down the left, the field names are directly connected to the field names in your webflow product list, and as long as you format it correctly and don’t miss any commas or brackets (ahh code is so bloody frustrating) the webhook should work great. 

Want to learn more?

Now there is not a great deal of documentation of how to carry this out either in webflow or in airtable but NoCoded is releasing a course tomorrow which goes over this in detail and how to connect your product with a customer review form. Sign up now on - pro membership is only $5 dollars this month with discount code - BirthdaySurprise!

Hope to see you all there

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