Launch Day - NoCoded

Now not being a marketing specialist or a social media guru, I have learnt how to launch products the same way I learnt nocode, trial and error. That being said I am pretty excited about this nocode product because I think it offers something that is not really out there at the moment and something that, for me, is definitely needed in the nocode community...a home.

Why NoCoded?

Over the last 3 years, I've learnt a great deal about webflow, airtable and other brilliant nocode products without much knowledge of what I wanted to do with them. I always thought you learn these skills and something will come to you, like magic, someone will give you a job, a career, a purpose but this clearly didn't happen and though I enjoyed doing a bit of design work, I knew that wasn't for me. I offered support in the communities which were great but this work was often free, time-consuming and meant that I was in about 10 different communities all over the web. So I thought why not create a marketplace so nocode folk can sell themselves and their products. This was the inspiration for NoCoded.

The Build

Prior to building NoCoded, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to offer the community - I wanted to offer experts a place to showcase themselves, the beginners to learn and get inspired, and for companies/ employers to be able to find the experts they need. As always whilst building I thought of other ways I could support and facilitate these users and I'm sure ill find others in the future.

I also knew what tools I would be using for as well, Webflow (clearly), airtable, memberstack and Jetboost with a little help from the F'insweet CMS library. These tools were vital in giving me the design flexibility and functionality I wanted to make this project unique. I could have used simpler tools for certain but i didn't want to compromise on my design.

What NoCoded Offers

For Experts

  • Advise learners and charge (NoCoded will take 0% Commission on this)
  • Build courses and expand your reach
  • Build a portfolio of your work, skills and products
  • Find work through looking through our Tasks
  • Post your projects, get feedback, upvoted and win awards

For Beginners

  • Learn from the experts and check out their courses
  • Get inspired by other projects and learn from there stories
  • Find useful resources and tips

Find what you need

  • Find an expert to support your product
  • Learn the skills to do it your self
  • Showcase your product and get feedback
  • Share your idea and test with other nocode enthusiasts
  • Post your projects, get feedback, upvoted, and win awards

End Result
In the end, I'm rather pleased with how the finished site has come out. Are there going to be mistakes - I'm sure they are in some places, as they are with all new products on the market but i do think it offers what i have set out to offer, whether this is what the nocoded community really needs, only time will tell but for now check it out and sign up, you never know. you might find something useful.

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