Jetboost Vs F'insweet CMS library

Filtering CMS collection fields is an integral part of most websites and for webflow users, we are lucky that we have two great options, Jetboost and F’insweet.



  • Extremely easy to set up - Jetboost has a very simple onboarding system which my nan probably could set up if she needed
  • Allows for creating favourites and saving them in the user dashboard
  • Has a feature to remove out of date CMS records
  • Allows for realtime list searching


  • There is a cost to this product
  • When filtering there is no control of the interaction of the filtered items
  • When creating a favorite list in the user dashboard the list will initially load up complete then shrink to the only items which are on the list. This can be quite jarring to the user.

F’insweet CMS library


  • Is completely free
  • Has more options to e.g. creating next and previous links in your template
  • Allows for more controls of the flow of the interactions (if you know a bit of code)
  • Has a cloneable which makes copying and pasting into your projects possible


  • More difficult to set up - F’insweet is set up using code and if you don’t watch the tutorials very carefully then things start to go wrong quickly. This also makes it more difficult to create your desired look.
  • The tutorials though very good can be slightly difficult to follow and in my opinion, do at times assume some knowledge with code.
  • There is no favorite list for your users. F’insweet did cover this in one of their previous videos, not related to their CMS library but this didn’t allow for users to remove unfavourite an item, and again, I believe, the video applied some knowledge of coding.

  • For my project, I ended up using both systems, F’insweet for the CMS filtering and Jetboost for their upvote/ favouritng system so both clearly have their place in the Webflow universe. Both do a great job at what they set out to do and both do a similar job though implementation is vastly different.

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