How I came to NoCode

It all started with a whimper 

Well i say a whimper it was more like a bit of a big “thank god, i don’t have to learn all this code”  moment but before all that i had just liquidated a company i was helping to run and feeling pretty sorry for myself. 

The Closure

The business we were running was great, we were filming musicians, having fun, meeting loads of new cool people but we were making diddly squat, like i mean absolutely nothing. I had to have a crappy admin job just to put food on the table. 

After a couple of years of hard work with little to no reward me and my business partners, came to the inevitable conclusion that our business model wasn’t worth the crappy laptop it was written on. Now, like all good entrepreneurs, i initially saw this as an opportunity, i still had the crappy admin job and now i didn’t have to pay for half a shitty little office and pay any equipment, so in comparison to where i was, i was minted. However this initial enthusiasm for living the simple life wasn’t me and when google garage started doing some free courses in my home town, i jumped at the chance to try everything and see if anything tickled my fancy.. 

After a few courses, I attended a coding class and for some bizarre reason I got pretty into it. I think it was more the end product, the endless possibilities, that I found most interesting, not so much the code. At the end of the class, i signed up to codeacademy and concentrated on knowing as much code as possible for about 8 months. That’s when i found it, Webflow. 

Webflow’s a bitch but i love it

I first found webflow around 3 years ago, i think through a facebook add though i maybe wrong about that. After about 5 minutes of playing around with it I was hooked. I instantly saw all the possibilities, the ease to do simple basic things that with code would have been a long tedious affair. My love affair with webflow wasn’t always plain sailing of course, i often had to turn my laptop off for a short while because that button, that is the main CTA (Call to Action) on my homepage, will not stay in the same position when you change screen size or the video tutorial i’m copying action by action is giving me different results, ahhh just thinking about those things annoys me but that is just the learning curve for webflow though and i’m still learning.

Where i am now

After getting to grips with webflow and quickly and easily deciding that doing straight up web design, though very useful and i have gotten pretty good at it, wasn’t for me (i’m just not that particular about things), i decided to make start some stuff of my own. This led me to finding other nocode tools like airtable (propa awesome), zapier (again awesome) plus other really cool tools, which has really opened my eyes and got me thinking, that i could make something pretty awesome, something that makes a difference or at least something i can look after whilst doing a bit of travelling. Either way its fun and exciting, which is far removed from office admin. Like polar opposites.

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