Guide to Webflow's free resources outside Webflow Uni

For a NoCode tool, webflow is up there with the best however this tool is not a simple drag and drop website builder, it takes time. One way I found to make this process less of a pain in the arse, quicker and more enjoyable is to follow some great designers, builders and teachers. 

Who and why to follow them

Ran Segal - 

Level - Beginner to Expert

Ran is not only a design whizz and freelancer who gives great advice, hes also got a huge youtube following of around a quarter of a million. His channel is mainly focuses on  advice around design essentials which is clearly key to any good product, plus running a freelancer business and some great webflow tips chucked in. 

Check out his youtube channel:

Ran also runs a number of great online course through his Flux Academy teaching platform and has one great course called Webflow MasterClass which is an advance course and fully worth the money.

Joseph Berry -

Level - Expert

Is a webflow interactions wizard. Like, seriously good. Some of the stuff is above and beyond, if you ever want to find out how far you can push webflow interactions, just follow him on webflow. He also has made a few youtube videos where he shares some of his awesome skills. 

Youtube channel:

Webflow designer page:

Pixel Geek

Beginner to Expert

Nelson has been making youtube videos the entire time ive been using webflow so around 3-4 years. He has hundreds of videos on his youtube channel from making fancy tabs to having his own unofficial webflow awards. He also has some great cloneables to use as well on webflow. A must for follow all levels of webflow expertise 

Youtube channel:

There are loads of other great experts out there which is mentioned in the video below. Check it out.

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