F’insweet day for Webflow

Thank F’ for F’insweet!

Last night F’insweet announced potentially major development for webflow users everywhere. Literally these could be massive and change how i and probably you will use webflow in the future. As you may have seen, f’insweet is known in the webflow community as a creator of not only awesome sites and design but some pretty sweet tools, often expanding the capabilities of webflow but the next set of tools is not only going to expand these capabilities, they are going to shoot them into space. 

F’insweet Calendar 

The first tool to come out of the announcement was the new calendar tool they are creating that allows users to create their own custom calendar straight into webflow. This will allow users to create events and reminders in their calendar. Would this mean no more need for Calendly?? I don’t know but from what it sounded like, is that this tool will replace the need for that 3rd party tool and allow everything to be created and designed in webflow which is always a good thing. 

NoBull Products 

The major announcement of the night, for me, was the creation of the NoBull line of tool that F’insweet is developing. These tools are:

NoBull CMS - This product is as it sounds a CMS product. It will allow users to dictate the source they want the information to pull from e.g. AirTable or Google Sheets. We would be able to filter items in directly from the CMS. There will be no 10,000 item limit like there is on webflow. It just sounded all kinds of cool. Check it out below and just imagine what you can do. This they said will not replace webflow CMS as the system will check which hosting you have. 

NoBull Filter - This will work alongside webflow CMS and allows the user to set up triggers, to create multiple filter groups and as Joe (Founder of F’Insweet) said this is a “game changer for filtering in webflow”. 

NoBull Block - This amazing tool will allow you to link your CMS directly with airtable. This just sounds all kinds of awesome. This means you’ll be able to do formulas and conditional logic, directly in your CMS which also means we’re all  going to have to upscale our airtable game sharpish. This as you can imagine will give your CMS all kinds of extra power, its a massive game changer. After this will we need zapier or the rest anymore?? Doesn’t sound like it. All this sounds like the need for that extra tool which can be amazing but also clunky and frustrating could be over. 

All these tools could all come out in the next couple of months however unlike there other tools they will be a price to pay for the developer. This price is undecided as of yet but whatever it is, i’m sure there will be lots of takers, if these products accomplish the jobs they were set out to do. 

They are also not stopping there. They have in the pipeline other tools on the drawing board to add to the Nobull family which will add more functionality than ever before to webflow and its users. 

NoBull Course

Another big announcement they hit the masses with was the news they are in the process of developing a course on how to write javascript for webflow. So this won't be your run of the mill javascript course you can find on Udemy or somewhere else it is specifically aimed at using it on webflow. One commenter said “just take my money now” and I can't blame them. We’ll pay Joe, ohh we’ll all pay!! 

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