CrowdTek: Everything a business needs to manage your business online

When I was introduced to CrowdTek by its creator and founder Art West from Nocodedevs, and he stated that the tool was a one-platform system to manage all your business’s online presence, I was skeptical, to say the least. These were bold claims, very bold claims but I have to say, after a brief walkthrough (filmed here) I was sold.

So what does it offer:

  • Social Media management - Allows you to see all your social media analytics in one place whilst also allowing you to directly post & schedule upcoming post via its Social Marketing tab
  • Website Express - This function allows you to launch your own website, yes this function allows you to launch your own website. This functionality does look like it works through Wix & WooCommerece but I was informed that more will be added to this depending on demand.
  • Customer Voice - This seems to allow the user to create a review form for their website whilst also tracking reviews on your social media and gives you a performance review based on these stats.
  • Listing Builder - This guides you through to create a google listing for your company and allows the user to connect CrowdTek to google my business.
  • Advertising Intelligence - as you can imagine this allows you to add your google account AdWords and supports you with creating google ads.

On top of all these products, as they are titled, they have a calendar builder (Calendly Esq), which allows you to connect QuickBooks to manage all your invoices and so much that, well I think I could write a book on it, to be honest. But I don't want to bore you, it's amazing and even though there is a paid upgrade (of course there is, the dude needs to make some dolla), the free stuff is pretty bloody amazing and well worth a look.

So go now - check out CrowdTek here you won't regret it!!

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